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Going Commando for the Ocean | Sanibel Sea School Blog

Going Commando for the Ocean

At Sanibel Sea School, we share a lot.  We share our passion for the ocean. We share our love of discovery. We share the joy of learning new things. We share a deep respect for our fellow earth inhabitants.  We like life on the edge, out of the comfort zone. We recognize that conservation comes from the heart more than the brain.  We like to have fun and do tiny things that make us better stewards of our ocean planet.  We feel a part of a large, unified society – the Ocean Tribe.

We loved Bag It, a short documentary film about plastic and how our ocean world is turning into a plastic world. The star of Bag It is a great guy from Telluride, CO, named Jeb Barrier. One of the sentient points of the film is that there is no “away” – we live in a closed system on this planet, most of it ocean, and everything we throw away goes somewhere. With time, a lot of it ends up in the ocean.  If we, as consumers, choose to use less, we will put less in the ocean. It’s that simple.

Naturally, we decided to share our love for Bag It – We invited the filmmakers back to our little island home on Sanibel for a screening.  You see, we want to find ways in which each of us can reduce the amount of plastic we use, and thus the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, and then we want to share those tiny little changes with the world.

When at the grocery, or any other retail opportunity, Jeb opts to Go Commando – to not use a plastic bag at all.  Try it! Jam the stuff you bought in your pockets, up your sleeve, under your arm, in your hat, under your chin, wherever. Find a way to carry it without a plastic bag.  It’s fun and refreshing and it feels good – Go Commando!

We are bringing Jeb’s idea to the ocean and encouraging everyone we know to Go Commando for the Ocean.  Do without plastic packaging – in some way, be free of plastic.

Here is the Go Commando for the Ocean pledge: I pledge that for one month, I will find a way to reduce the amount of plastic that I use (and ultimately put in the ocean).  Pretty simple stuff: just find a way that you can free yourself from some type of plastic for 30 days. Stick to it and invite others to Go Commando with you. It may be easier than you think!

There are many ways to Go Commando. Be creative and, by all means, share with us how and where you Go Commando.  It can be by not consuming beverages in plastic bottles, never using a plastic bag, bringing your container to the deli, not using plastic stirrers or straws, refusing to eat off plastic ‘silverware’, using and washing one sandwich bag for a month. You know your life – find a way to lead it better, for the ocean.

We can all find tiny ways in our lives that we can change, and we believe you can do it for one month. Go for it – join the Ocean Tribe and Go Commando for the Ocean. Set yourself free. You will be amazed how great it feels.

~Doc Bruce

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