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Doc Bruce talks Sustainable Seafood | Sanibel Sea School Blog

Doc Bruce talks Sustainable Seafood

Our most recent ‘Ask Doc Bruce’ discussion on Facebook was one of the most exciting we’ve had yet.  What should we be asking our restaurant servers about sustainable seafood? Is eating shellfish better for the ocean than eating fish? You guys asked some truly thought provoking questions, so we decided to share a couple of our favorites:

Do you have unanswered questions about Sustainable Seafood? Send them to us and Doc Bruce will be happy to answer!

Sarah S.: “Are all farmed fish okay to eat, or are there some I should avoid?

Doc Bruce: Hey Sarah, as a general rule try to get U.S. farmed fish. Many fish farms in other countries aren’t as well regulated. Save the fish, save the people – Eat more veggies.

Nicole O.: “Hey Doc Bruce! What is the best way to educate others on what is sustainable and what is not sustainable?”

Doc Bruce: “When you buy seafood, ask the server, “Is this fish sustainable?” Always ask – With your friends, with your family, demand sustainable, and insist on sustainable food. Don’t be too shy to ask.

Maddie H.: “Are there resources to tell us about sustainable seafood?”

Doc Bruce: “Absolutely, the Seafood Watch program from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Marine Stewardship Council both have a lot of great resources.

Jenna S.: “Hey Doc Bruce, is it better for the ocean to order fish for dinner or something like shrimp or other shellfish?”

Doc Bruce: “Great question! It depends, if you can get locally farmed shellfish, many times that is the best most delicious solution. Always try to find locally harvested or farmed sources of seafood. It tastes better and helps support the local community. One of the things that we can all do is to promise to have a meatless meal at least once a week.  It’s like Barton Seaver always says, eat more veggies.”

"So you haven't joined the discussion yet, huh?" Join us for our next talk on Red Tide in the Gulf of Mexico

So you haven’t joined the discussion yet?  Well what are you waiting for? Check out our Facebook and shout a question or two at us – Is Twitter more your thing?  We’ve got ya covered – you can send questions to Doc Bruce using the hashtag #AskDocBruce.  Next week we’ll be discussing the Red Tide bloom that’s been affecting our corner of Southwest Florida as well as large portions of the Gulf of Mexico.  See ya then!

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