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Looking through our snorkel mask to the new year | Sanibel Sea School Blog

Looking through our snorkel mask to the new year

While reflecting on 2012 and looking through our snorkel mask to 2013, we listed the things which we are thankful for in the ocean and realized an interesting trend; we find the word ‘Great’ a lot when referring to things in the ocean.  Great White Sharks, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt are three that immediately stand out.

The Great Barrier Reef ~ emphasis on Great.

At first this might seem strange, but when we consider all that the ocean provides for us it doesn’t seem all that odd: Over 1 billion people rely on fish on a daily basis, up to 70% of our atmospheric oxygen is produced by phytoplankton found in the ocean, and new medicines are constantly being discovered from organisms found in the sea.   Not to mention that the ocean gives us a peace-of-mind like nothing else in the world.

And while it’s obvious that the ocean gives us much more than we can list in one blog post, we’ve yet to mention how thankful we are for all the people and organizations working to protect the ocean’s healthy future!

Doc Bruce at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival 'aarfing' like a sea otter

Participating in the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in September provided the opportunity to dive into ocean conversation and meet some really great ocean champions along the way.  Seeing the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and 5 Gyres to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our ocean was truly inspiring.  The One World One Ocean team’s media campaign has really brought to light some of the massive challenges facing our oceans.  And who isn’t inspired by Sylvia Earle speaking on behalf of Mission Blue.  We are truly thankful to hear so many voices, large and small, speaking – shouting – screaming at the top of their lungs to protect the ocean.

We are irreversibly, magically drawn to the ocean – maybe because our physical composition, which is approximately 75% water, is strangely similar to our planet, which is approximately 75% water.  Perhaps we are drawn to the ocean simply because this ‘inner space’ is truly the final frontier; maybe we are drawn to the ocean by virtue of how much we have yet to discover and to explore, to admire and to protect.

Whatever the reason, we’re thankful that we are drawn, and we are thankful for every single person working to protect this big, breathing, blue planet in the new year.

Have you resolved to love the ocean this year?

The Ocean Tribe

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