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Andros – Monday June 17 | Sanibel Sea School Blog

Andros – Monday June 17

Today we were all ready for another day of perfect weather, beautiful views, and each other’s company as we prepared for our day touring Andros. Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves excited all of us for our day on the town.

We began with an early morning wake up call at 7:45, when cabin 2, the girls’ cabin, prepared to serve breakfast for both the Sea School and our friends from Ohio. After breakfast, we prepared for our trip by making sure each one of us had extensively applied sunscreen, especially on the backs of our body, which we had missed the day before. We were greeted by Lyndon and Ana, our tour guides for the day, and separated into two vans ready to explore the culture of the island. On our way to the batik factory, Lyndon informed us of the community of Andros having us truly experience the close-knit island life as he greeted almost every person we passed by with the honk of his car horn, followed by an explanation of who each person we had passed was. Arriving at the batik factory, we began our quest of exploring the culture of Andros.

Ana told us about how the batik’s had been formed in an attempt to create more of a culture for the island incorporating the talents of each Bahamian individual. The varied collection of stamps that had been previous designs of the batiks cluttered the walls of the factory. We continued on by investigated the sewing room each of us complementing past colors of the batiks. Our exciting trip to the gift shop left everyone equipped with true Bahamian batiks. As we were leaving the factory, the Bahamian travel agency pulled up commenting our batiks asking for videos and photos so keep your eyes out for sea schoolers on Bahamian brochures.

Androsia's batik workshop

After our trip to the factory, we stopped at the lighthouse then forged to our next location where we would have our picnic lunch. Although the trip to the beach was full of deep ditches full of water and rocks we safely made it and stopped to have a break before our next excursion.

Following lunch, we voyaged on to the hike, which would lead us to the Rainbow Blue Hole. Although some of us had not brought the most ideal shoes for our hike, we all made it to the absolutely incredible blue hole. After swimming in the freshwater blue hole we hiked back to the cars ready to snorkel. On our way to the mangroves Lyndon entertained us with his beautiful singing voice, having the car screaming the words to the Sound of Music.

A schoolmaster snapper in the red mangrove roots

Our mangrove snorkel was full of jellyfish, juvenile fish, and tons of hermit crabs. After our snorkel we retreated back to camp, some of us attempting to find a convenience store to buy some snacks. We finished dinner then ended our day with a lecture about fish, learning about the species that inhabit the surrounding reefs of Andros.


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  1. peter hickey says:

    Great blog Maddie!! Hope your having fun!!

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