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Arrived at Forfar Safe and Sound

We have survived the small plane flights and the most exciting and dangerous section of our journey – the taxi rides from the airport to Forfar Field Station. We have had a snorkel orientation and are chilling in the clear … Continue reading

On Our Way to Andros

And away we go. Sanibel Sea School is headed to Andros with 14 high school students to study and research coral reefs. Gonna be a fantastic trip!

An evening with Vikki Spruill of Ocean Conservancy

We are very pleased to bring one of the best speakers on Ocean Advocacy in the world to Sanibel this month. I have had the pleasure to hear many good speakers talk about issues that our ocean and our ocean society faces, and Vikki is one of the very best you will ever hear. Continue reading

Give thanks to the big blue!

Often times it seems like the world and our lives are in turmoil, but this is the time of year to think about all the things we have going for us–all those steady support systems that keep us going. If you are looking for something to be thankful for this holiday season, look to the ocean. Continue reading

A triumph for menhaden is a triumph for the ocean!

You have probably never seen it on a menu, but this little fish has been dubbed “the most important fish in the sea,” and lately has been causing quite a stir. Over 90,000 letters and public comments regarding the menhaden fishery were presented to the ASMFC in anticipation of their meeting earlier this week.
Continue reading

Many ways to help a manatee

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Justin and Ted, two Pennsylania third-graders who decided to raise money at their school to help manatees. Sanibel Sea School and these enterprising school kids joined forces to raise money for the Save the … Continue reading

Our vision comes to life

  As Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what they love,” and at Sanibel Sea School, we are working toward a better future for our ocean by helping people fall in love with it. As it turns out, it is not … Continue reading

Conservation: A worthwhile endeavor

Environmental news and talk regarding conservation is often one tragic story after another. Headlines like “Scope of Yellowstone River oil spill may grow,” “Scientists warn of a mass extinction of marine species,”and “Megafires may change the Southwest forever,” are just … Continue reading

Third graders save the manatees!

Justin (left) and Ted (right) are raising money to benefit Florida manatees. Justin and Ted, third-graders at Devon Elementary School in Devon, Pennsylvania, are taking action in the name of Florida’s charismatic sea cows. They have organized a fundraising project … Continue reading

Have we evolved to save energy?

Biking on Captiva. Photo by Helen Steussy. Riding a bike in Sanibel and Captiva is pretty easy. It is easy for a couple of reasons: There are 25 miles of paved bike paths, and the islands are flat. All during … Continue reading

Earth Week 2011

Wow, what a week at Sanibel Sea School! Between our two campuses, over 100 different kids experienced the ocean with us this past week, many of them coming back for multiple classes. One of the most rewarding things to hear … Continue reading

Bag It: There is no away

Last night, Sanibel Sea School and Big Arts hosted a screening of the Blue Ocean Film Festival Winner, Bag It. Joined by director Suzan Beraza, we enjoyed the film and then had the opportunity to continue the conversation over snacks and … Continue reading

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