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Dear Ocean…

Messages to the ocean. Yesterday was kind of a dreary day on Sanibel and Captiva Islands, but that doesn’t stop us here at Sanibel Sea School! This morning as the wind was howling and dark clouds threatened to soak us … Continue reading

What can you do to reduce plastic in the ocean?

Plastic debris in the ocean can be the cause of death for marine animals including dolphins, fish, sea turtles, and sea birds. It is estimated that 80% of the plastic debris in the ocean originated from land sources. Will we … Continue reading

Do better and feel good

Conservation isn’t an all-or-none proposition.  Becoming a better steward of the ocean is a process – like losing weight, exercising more, or any other decision to change how we lead our lives. Ultimately success lies not in the decision, but in … Continue reading

Love the Ocean this Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget about the ocean this Valentine’s Day! If you are jaded by the traditional cards, flowers, chocolates, and balloons that flood the stores during this time of year, take a different route this year and show the ocean some … Continue reading

Oil Sampling in Lee and Collier Counties

For the latest results of oil sampling around Sanibel and Marco Island, visit the Oil Monitoring Tab.

Dolphin Week 2010

Dolphin Week at Sanibel Sea School was full of fun in the water! Plenty of teamwork games, boat rides, and snorkeling enhanced our understanding of how dolphin pods survive and thrive around our island. We began our week at Buttonwood … Continue reading

A Gulf Celebration

All too often, when a friend or loved one is stricken by severe, chronic illness they become a victim in our mind.  Their misery and plight overshadows our memory of them as a vibrant, cherished individuals.  It is a natural … Continue reading

Movin' On Up (The Food Chain)

I’m moving to Vancouver this Fall to begin grad school at the UBC Fisheries Centre. I had plans to study the delicate mangrove trees that line our coast, providing nursery habitat for important commercial species and producing energy for nearby … Continue reading

What is the Loop Current?

By J. Bruce Neill, Ph.D. and Leah Biery, Sanibel Sea School Mired in the morass of the Gulf oil blowout is the Gulf Loop Current. Over the course of the ongoing disaster in our backyard, you’ve probably heard reports that … Continue reading

How Do We Clean Up Ocean Oil?

What can we do to prevent or minimize the devastating effects of what may well be the world’s largest oil contamination in history?  I wish I knew the answer, but I don’t. I do know that we should stop calling … Continue reading

"Quick, Hide the Mess!"

As I type this, somewhere between 5,000 and 25,000 barrels of oil are gushing into the Gulf of Mexico every day. The colossal oil spill in our backyard will undoubtedly have devastating effects on nearby ecosystems and industries for years … Continue reading

Go Outside Today!

It’s Earth Day, so get outside and appreciate what this fabulous planet we all share has to offer! Celebrate in your own way – go for a stroll, run on the beach, lay in the grass, linger to smell the … Continue reading

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