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The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster had enormous sociological and economic impacts in Japan. Because we study the ocean at Sanibel Sea School, we hope to clear up some of the environmental implications of this disaster, especially regarding marine ecosystems. Through a series of 5 installments, we will help you gain a basic understanding of this disaster and what we have learned three years later.

When will the leaked radiation reach the US West Coast?

The North Pacific Gyre will likely deliver radioactive plumes from Japan to the US West Coast beginning in April of this year. Scientists have determined that radioisotope concentrations in the Pacific Ocean are projected to be below the US EPA’s … Continue reading

How will radiation from the Fukushima disaster affect marine life?

Radiation poisoning causes acute sickness, as well as DNA mutations that may be passed on to future generations. Because of these damages, there is vast concern on how radioisotopes affect marine fauna. Bioaccumulation is the process by which harmful contaminants … Continue reading

What is the connection between The United States and Japan?

The Fukushima Disaster occurred over 5,000 miles away, so many people wonder – why should we be concerned? The west coast of The United States is more connected to Fukushima than we may think. Currents, or streams of seawater formed … Continue reading

What Happened on March 11, 2011?

Two weeks ago marked the third anniversary of the Fukuskima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant disaster, which occurred when the 9.0-magnitude Tohoku earthquake triggered a massive tsunami off the coast of Japan. Forty-five foot waves inundated backup generators with seawater, resulting … Continue reading

Why do we use radioactive elements as a source of energy?

Some naturally occurring elements are unstable and have the potential to release energy – they are called radioisotopes. Many years ago, we realized that radioisotopes, if used in a controlled fashion could be a valuable source of energy to create … Continue reading

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