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When will the leaked radiation reach the US West Coast?

The North Pacific Gyre will likely deliver radioactive plumes from Japan to the US West Coast beginning in April of this year. Scientists have determined that radioisotope concentrations in the Pacific Ocean are projected to be below the US EPA’s … Continue reading

Prepping Plumes for Spring!

Spring is in the air! As we experience warmer temperatures here in sunny Southwest Florida, we are also rapidly approaching breeding season for many animals in our region. If any of you are bird-nerds like me, you may have noticed … Continue reading

Sold! Hermit Crab snags new Real Estate on Captiva Island.

Here on Sanibel and Captiva we commonly see three species of hermit crabs: the green-striped hermit crab (Clibanarius vittatus), the tricolor hermit crab (Clibanarius tricolor), and the giant red hermit crab (Petrochirus diogenes). These crazy critters are easily recognized and observed crawling … Continue reading

Red Drift Algae and Red Tide – Should we See Red ?

There aren’t really that many things in the ocean that are red.  So it’s kind of funny that unpleasant ocean things that are red sometimes beleaguer us.  A part of the conundrum is because of unfortunate naming. In SW Florida, … Continue reading

Home for the Holidays – Sea School Style

There is an Ocean Tribe of Sanibel Sea School that extends more than 5,000 miles across the globe! Even though we all hail from different parts of the world, we have one connection that binds us: a love for our … Continue reading

Andros in our hearts

Ever since Sanibel Sea School opened as a nonprofit, we have been dreaming of coral reefs and of taking a group of teenagers to study and explore them. This past week, our dream finally came true. And it was even … Continue reading

Tuesday in Andros

Tuesday June 19, 2013 Today we traveled by boat to Dave’s Patch Reef for the second time. However, instead of just snorkeling around, we used our time to map the small reef. We went about this by first measuring the … Continue reading

Andros – Monday June 17

Today we were all ready for another day of perfect weather, beautiful views, and each other’s company as we prepared for our day touring Andros. Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves excited all of us for our … Continue reading

First Full Day

We had a great day today. For some of us, sunrise yoga at 6 others went on beachwalks. We spent all day in a boat and snorkeled at 4 different sites. Tonight we have a geology lecture. We will continue … Continue reading

Arrived at Forfar Safe and Sound

We have survived the small plane flights and the most exciting and dangerous section of our journey – the taxi rides from the airport to Forfar Field Station. We have had a snorkel orientation and are chilling in the clear … Continue reading

On Our Way to Andros

And away we go. Sanibel Sea School is headed to Andros with 14 high school students to study and research coral reefs. Gonna be a fantastic trip!

Looking through our snorkel mask to the new year

While reflecting on 2012 and looking through our snorkel mask to 2013, we listed the things which we are thankful for in the ocean and realized an interesting trend; we find the word ‘Great’ a lot when referring to things … Continue reading

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