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Doc Bruce talks Sustainable Seafood

Our most recent ‘Ask Doc Bruce’ discussion on Facebook was one of the most exciting we’ve had yet.  What should we be asking our restaurant servers about sustainable seafood? Is eating shellfish better for the ocean than eating fish? You … Continue reading

Seafood Savvy: Making Sustainable Choices in Sanibel

Eating sustainable seafood can be a challenge. Knowing which fish to order in a restaurant or in the grocery store is a large enough challenge in itself – asking for the method in which the fish was caught?  In most … Continue reading

Happy National (Sustainable) Seafood Month!

October is arguably one of the most delicious months of the year; Pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, and all things pumpkin-flavored and autumn themed that are good and right in the world.  Let’s not forget, however, that it’s also National Seafood … Continue reading

Going Commando for the Ocean

At Sanibel Sea School, we share a lot.  We share our passion for the ocean. We share our love of discovery. We share the joy of learning new things. We share a deep respect for our fellow earth inhabitants.  We … Continue reading

Fish for trash

For most of us in the United States, once we are through with some food item we throw the remains ‘away’. Maybe our tin cans or our cardboard boxes go into the recycling, but all our waste is picked up … Continue reading

From 1914 to 2012: How we track the ocean

Do any of you remember the Great Sanibel Sea School Coconut Drift Experiment of 2011-2012? Various times throughout last fall, winter, and spring, Sanibel Sea School students cast painted coconuts out into the Gulf of Mexico, each one tagged with … Continue reading

Plastic, Plastic everywhere: Reconsidering our Plastic Consumption

We’re continuing September’s trash themed discussion at Sea School with a week dedicated to living a less plastic-filled life; we’re calling it, “Plastic-less week!”  We’re making Tiny Changes in our lives this week to use less plastic, buy less plastic, … Continue reading

Cleaning the Ocean ~ Picking Up Our Trash

As Hurricane Isaac made its way through Sanibel we couldn’t help but notice the enormous amount of trash washed ashore by the combination of strong winds and a rising tide.  Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cups – an overwhelming amount … Continue reading

Manatees among us

Believe it or not, we just finished our final week of Summer Camp at Sanibel Sea School. Where did the summer go? But what better way to end the summer than a week in celebration of one of our favorite … Continue reading

A fish as big as a refrigerator

Picture the refrigerator at your house. Now, picture a fish the size of that refrigerator. Give it a large mouth, a rounded tail fin, dark coloring with faint vertical stripes and darker spots—you are picturing an Atlantic goliath grouper, and … Continue reading

Is a dolphin smarter than a human?

Dolphin Week at Sanibel Sea School is always one of our most popular offerings—who can help wanting to learn about one of the most beautiful and charismatic creatures in the sea?   This past week was our second Dolphin week of … Continue reading

What’s up with the hammerhead?

Have you ever wondered why a hammerhead shark has such an odd looking head? Their mouths are small and do not open very wide, their eyes bug out on either side, not to mention the fact that their head is … Continue reading

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