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Arrived at Forfar Safe and Sound

We have survived the small plane flights and the most exciting and dangerous section of our journey – the taxi rides from the airport to Forfar Field Station. We have had a snorkel orientation and are chilling in the clear … Continue reading

On Our Way to Andros

And away we go. Sanibel Sea School is headed to Andros with 14 high school students to study and research coral reefs. Gonna be a fantastic trip!

The Sea Turtle Holy Grail

Recently, I asked a boat-load of youngsters what they could tell me about sea turtles.  Among the answers, was ‘they can breathe through their butts’.  And interestingly enough, as much as I tried to dislodge that visual from the 9-year-old’s … Continue reading

Unintended consequences

We were pleasantly surprised by the consequences of one of our recent actions, a study of ocean currents around Sanibel. Our group of ocean-curious campers, painted 30 coconuts bright pink and orange and tossed them overboard into the Gulf of Mexico, unsure if we would ever hear or see from them again. Continue reading

Tarpon Week: Coconut current study

The very last week of the summer at Sanibel Sea School’s summer camp was Tarpon Week; what better way to celebrate a summer of fun and learning than to pay homage to the silver king? We made beads that represented … Continue reading

A radical, radial week

Last week was a radical, radial experience for campers at Sanibel Sea School. It was Sea Star Week and we explored the group of animals that belong to the phylum Echinodermata – the spiny-skinned animals. Common members of this group … Continue reading

Omni Cellula e Cellula

What does a mid-19th century Latin phrase have to do with Manatee Week at Sanibel Sea School? Just about everything as it turns out – at least that’s how we look at things. Omni cellula e cellula translates as the origination … Continue reading

Dolphin Daze at Sanibel Sea School

Last week, we studied Dolphins at Sanibel Sea School’s summer camp. Did you know that a female dolphin born under the Sanibel causeway my live for 25 years and never venture more than 15 or 20 miles from the causeway? Pretty amazing, … Continue reading

Dolphin Week 2010

Dolphin Week at Sanibel Sea School was full of fun in the water! Plenty of teamwork games, boat rides, and snorkeling enhanced our understanding of how dolphin pods survive and thrive around our island. We began our week at Buttonwood … Continue reading

Summer Camp Registration Begins!

We are putting the final touches on our plans for Summer Camp 2010, and we are so excited about all of the fun we have to look forward to! Each week of camp has its own theme and different activities, … Continue reading

How to Survive on a Small Island

If you were stranded in the wilderness, would you be able to build your own shelter? Could you figure out how to signal for help, or find your way back to civilization using a compass? Sanibel Sea School campers could … Continue reading

Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere

This week it was dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins at Sanibel Sea School. We played echo-location – the Sanibel Sea School version of Marco-Polo. We played capture the fish, we went on dolphin walks, we talked a lot about how … Continue reading

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