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Dear Ocean…

Messages to the ocean. Yesterday was kind of a dreary day on Sanibel and Captiva Islands, but that doesn’t stop us here at Sanibel Sea School! This morning as the wind was howling and dark clouds threatened to soak us … Continue reading

Phone home from a seagrass bed

We recently explored the shallow seagrass beds of Pine Island Sound with the Bryan family, and it was a fine morning to explore the ocean.  We encountered many ocean treasures:  A large southern stingray glided past us in knee-deep water … Continue reading

Tsunami: The ocean takes a deadly shape

What in the world is a tsunami and how does it work? Essentially, a tsunami is a giant wave moving through the ocean, but it works differently than the waves that crash on our beaches on a regular basis. Let’s … Continue reading

The adventures of Hermy Dermy and Jelly Belly

Living in the sand or mud between the tides can be quite the adventure. This area, called the soft intertidal, provides a very dynamic environment for its inhabitants. Part of the day they could be flooded with salt water, but … Continue reading

What can you do to reduce plastic in the ocean?

Plastic debris in the ocean can be the cause of death for marine animals including dolphins, fish, sea turtles, and sea birds. It is estimated that 80% of the plastic debris in the ocean originated from land sources. Will we … Continue reading

Hairy manatees are back in the area

Manatees have made their way back to docks of the South Seas Island Resort Harbourside Marina. While watching the manatees surface at the marina, we observed, along with multiple scars, that manatees are quite hairy for a marine mammal. There … Continue reading

Do better and feel good

Conservation isn’t an all-or-none proposition.  Becoming a better steward of the ocean is a process – like losing weight, exercising more, or any other decision to change how we lead our lives. Ultimately success lies not in the decision, but in … Continue reading

Thousands of tube feet on our fingertips

Yesterday, we set out with four future scientists in search of some echinoderms. “Echinoderm” comes from Greek words meaning spiny skin, and sea stars, sand dollars, and sea urchins are all part of this phylum. At low tide, we scoured … Continue reading

Love the Ocean this Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget about the ocean this Valentine’s Day! If you are jaded by the traditional cards, flowers, chocolates, and balloons that flood the stores during this time of year, take a different route this year and show the ocean some … Continue reading

Hey Ma! I built a boat out of bottles at Sanibel Sea School.

Well, she wasn’t sleek. And she wasn’t fast. But she was a boat and she floated! Sanibel Sea School students spent the holidays building a boat out of plywood, rope, orange sacks and lots and lots of plastic bottles. The … Continue reading

Green Giving 2010

How green are your gifts? It’s that time of year again. Time to bond with family, eat too much delicious food, and shop for holiday gifts! Last year, Sanibel Sea School staff put together a list of our favorite environmentally-conscious … Continue reading

For Cod’s Sake

One of the best things about grad school is that there are always interesting lectures and film screenings to attend. This afternoon I watched For Cod’s Sake, a documentary about cod fishing in the Baltic Sea. Cod has been heavily … Continue reading

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