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A week of Manatees

Don’t Have a (Sea) Cow, Man! By:  Kate Pozeznik Did you know that Florida has the largest population of manatees in the United States?  In fact, Lee County is a haven for manatees because of our bays and estuaries, and … Continue reading

Be a Smart Shopper

I usually live in small places and move often, so I try not to accumulate more possessions than I can fit in my car. But I will admit, I do love to shop. When I shop, I try to be … Continue reading

How many bug bites does it take to love the ocean?

Sanibel Sea School’s Coral Reef Week was an ambitious mix of tent camping, marine marvels, rain and a big contribution to the blood-sucking insect population of Big Pine Key. All for the love of the ocean. But campers returned happy … Continue reading

Pulley Ridge – A Gem of The Gulf

We are enamored with coral reefs.  And rightly so, the above ground equivalents of coral reefs are tropical rainforests.  They are both extremely rich in biological diversity and structural complexity; important ecosystems to the maintenance of life on Earth.  In … Continue reading

Remember the Maine!

Remember the Maine! Was the cheer to victory during the Spanish-American war.  The Maine was a US Navy armored cruiser that sunk in Havana.  Its loss was a  seminal event that led up to that war.  The Captain of the … Continue reading

Could I Have a Side of Gas with that Super-Sized Oil Please?

In addition to oil, the Deepwater Horizon site is gushing massive amounts of methane – a principal component of natural gas. About 40% of the volume emanating from the pipe penetrating the seafloor is methane.   In fact, a giant methane bubble is … Continue reading

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Recent media coverage has drawn attention to the fact that bacteria are capable of consuming crude oil – so, you might ask, why don’t we release massive quantities of it into the Gulf for a feast of monumental proportions? It … Continue reading

Oil Update for SW Florida

Please check the Oil Monitoring Tab for today’s sampling results.

Save the Copepods

Most commonly, we deal with oil spills on the surface of the ocean.  In most cases these discharges occur very close to shore.  We are most concerned when the contaminating oil comes to shore to befoul beaches, birds and shoreline … Continue reading

Sanibel Sea School in the News

Last night, Sanibel Sea School was featured on NBC for our oil monitoring project. NBC News Story

What Can I Do?

Many aspects of conservation are extremely complex and at times overwhelming.  But others are not.  Often, we wonder “what can I do as an individual to help?” There are many simple things you can do every day to help reduce … Continue reading

Touched By a Stingray

Several young kids and I were splashing in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday when we shared a rare and beautiful connection with nature. One of the girls was quite concerned about stingrays; so much so that she was hesitant to … Continue reading

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