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The Sea Turtle Holy Grail

Recently, I asked a boat-load of youngsters what they could tell me about sea turtles.  Among the answers, was ‘they can breathe through their butts’.  And interestingly enough, as much as I tried to dislodge that visual from the 9-year-old’s … Continue reading

Tongue or deadly weapon?

Shells are often battered and broken by the time they are washed up on the beach for us to find. Have you noticed, though, that on many intact shells there is a perfectly round hole, almost as if someone took … Continue reading

Hairy manatees are back in the area

Manatees have made their way back to docks of the South Seas Island Resort Harbourside Marina. While watching the manatees surface at the marina, we observed, along with multiple scars, that manatees are quite hairy for a marine mammal. There … Continue reading

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